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Roughcast wall cleaning in West Calder West Lothian. by Softwash Scotland

Render Cleaning West Lothian Scotland




Figure 1.   K-Render Cleaning in West Lothian

Render Cleaning West Lothian Scotland.

Removing the years of  Algae that  builds- up with our  Render Cleaning process.

Render cleaning is the removal of algae moss mould or even lichen that builds-up on the exterior of buildings   overtime.  Algae  grows  on the exterior of homes and buildings due to humidity and climate we have here in Scotland. With a low pressure wash or Softwash it can easily be removed from the exterior of your home or buildings.

Softwashing can save you time and money. Many companies will try to convince you to paint the surface to cover the algae with a non breathable paint this encourages the growth of algae and other species under the paint which will resurface .

This is expensive and will cost you a lot of time.

Instead, consider professionally cleaning the render which will remove the algae build-up from the exterior of your home.



Figure 2 Roughcast Cleaning in West Lothian

The softwash process of removal is safe, quick and a fraction of the cost of painting. Most of the time, this is the solution to your issue rather than paying a large sum of fees. Plus, it gets straight to the root of the problem   removing the built-up of algae, moss,  mould or lichen rather than just covering it up . Getting to the root of the problem ensures mould and algae won’t pop up again in the near future.

Rendered surfaces cleaning uses special, non-damaging low pressure and chemical applications that have undergone rigorous research and testing. Research has also led to a better understanding of what causes algae moss and mould to build-up and what makes it grow. This allows us to use the right chemicals and cleaning techniques to get off it quickly and efficiently.

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