High Pressure Washing

High Pressure Washing

From the basic pressure washing of residential property driveways to the commercial cleaning of large car parking areas and monumental buildings, we can supply free guidance to help you make informed decisions for your needs.

Scotland’s Specialist Exterior Cleaning Company

We offer a wide variety of high pressure washing services, along with a low pressure steam cleaning for the more delicately aged or listed buildings. Again, we have seen the damage and costly repairs caused to surfaces using the incorrect pressure, but with our expertise and knowledge, we will assess your requirements, advising you of the correct and best cleaning options available.

High Pressure Washing Company Scotland

We do not just deal with regular dirt and grime; we can degrease your property or exterior features and offer our full sanitisation service. We are frequently required to complete high-pressure washing jobs on industrial units, factory floors, loading bay areas and emergency escape routes.

Maybe you are selling your home and require that first impression on the exterior, to enable a quicker sale. New business premises, also need to create a good first impression, encouraging customers/visitors into your building, instead of seeking a competitor.

Experienced & professional

We are Scotland's leading exterior cleaning company with several years of experience in cleaning different exterior surfaces.

Trained Employees

Our staff are fully trained in both chemical and equipment use; and Health and Safety, ensuring that no damage is exposed to your building.

All Over Scotland

We are based in Bathgate but are happy to travel all over Scotland. We clean any outside surface, in any location no matter how difficult.

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Our team of cleaning professionals are always happy to help. If you’ve got a question or need some advice or tips about maintaining your property, please get in touch.

Our Recent High Pressure Washing Work

Using our specialist equipment and eco-friendly biodegradable products, we can complete paint stripping, degreasing, and the removal of oil and diesel stains from your walkways, driveways or building.

Our quick and efficient services will leave these areas as good as new. Here at Softwash Scotland, we can also complete high-pressure washing for a variety of industrial applications, including the servicing of large storage tanks and receptacles.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a fire, we can provide a cost-effective high-pressure washing service to ensure your property is restored to its usual state in as little time as possible. Our chemicals and equipment are tailored for each specific job at hand, ensuring no damage will ever result from our cleaning process.

Please feel free to call us for advice on our high-pressure cleaning services on 01506 635551 or alternatively email us at softwashscotlandltd@gmail.com or use our on-line form.

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