Indian Sandstone Cleaning

Indian sandstone is a popular choice for patios across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Thanks to its unrivalled beauty and the way that the natural stone can blend in so well with the design of our gardens. However, as with many objects of natural beauty, it is an incredibly delicate material to work with and needs to be taken care regularly to avoid problems. Hence we have introduced our Indian sandstone cleaning service.

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The delicate type of minerals that Indian sandstone is formed from mean that it must only ever be cleaned using water . No patio cleaners should be used on this material under any circumstances. This is because a possible reaction between any iron deposits in the sandstone, and the acid and chemicals in the patio cleaner, can cause staining and colour changes to your paving. Once this has occurred, it is difficult and often impossible to rectify.

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However, this doesn’t mean that you must leave your beautiful Indian sandstone surface to become dirty and look shabby. We have plenty of experience in cleaning Indian sandstone and have developed a method that removes a black spot, which often forms on sandstone, without damaging the stone itself.

Our restorative procedure results in a fantastic finish, and your surface can look like new without any necessary damage to the stone whatsoever – meaning that you can enjoy all of the benefits of a new surface, without having to pay the price!

The team at Softwash Scotland are all highly trained in the Indian sandstone cleaning procedure, and we’re all passionate about getting the best results possible for our customers. No matter the size of the area, we are equipped to do the job to an exceptional standard and offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers.

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