K-Render Cleaning Service Scotland

K-Render Cleaning Service

We have perfected our cleaning processes to be speedy, safe and cost-effective, using our specialist eco-friendly and biodegradable products, to remove all dirt, algae, moss, mould, and pollution, ensuring that each delicate surface is adequately cleaned, with no occurring damage to your K-rend.

Unsightly and devalued buildings not only create a poor impression on customers and clients, visitors and staff, it also outweighs the expense of replacing damaged render when kept clean. Customary cleaning and maintenance will elongate the life of your building, improve its value and attract more customers and clients or ensure the re-selling of your home. We have seen numerous incorrect cleaning methods and techniques, over the years that have severely affected the buildings and ultimately damaged the surfaces, resulting in costly repairs. If high-pressure is used, with either hot or cold water, it allows moisture to get beneath the surface, enabling more organic growth to re-appear, or it can even remove the K-rend, due to the aggressive pressure used


Softwash Scotland can bring cladding surfaces back to life without the need to harm or shorten the life expectancy of the coating, ensuring all organic growth is terminated by the roots or any discolouration, or carbon pollution is removed. We can inspect, wash, clean, repaint, renew and revamp any type of cladding anywhere in Scotland. Having successfully cleaned hundreds of warehouses and distribution centres ranging from 1,500 to 1,0000,000 sq.ft. resulting in not only delighted customers but also no further expense if left untreated.

Height is not an issue with our health and safety trained staff, as we use our water-fed poles to access each storey of your building or use our high-access equipment to reach each area. After our specialist cleaning methods, not only will the colour will be restored, your render will look brand new again. Having studied why algae and mould growth occur, enables us to efficiently assess your building, by initially carrying out a test patch, ensuring that we use the correct procedure and cleaning methods, to remove all traces and roots of any spores. Our highly trained staff can also apply our high-performance coatings, if required, to further protect your building against any damage.

Please feel free to call us for advice on our K-rend cleaning services on 01506 635551 or alternatively email us at softwashscotlandltd@gmail.com or use our on-line form.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or social media, regarding your exterior building cleaning project needs. Our advice is always free.