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Our professional technicians are qualified in cleaning stone walls and removing graffiti from brick walls and stone walls.

Scotland’s Specialist Exterior Cleaning Company

This is where Softwash Scotland is the company to employ, not only for their highly trained, experienced staff, but they will control the water pressure and flow rate which then regulates the cleaning speed, ensuring no further damage occurs to the concrete. This will also result in any potential slippery or hazardous areas being removed.

Concrete & Brick Cleaning Company Scotland

Concrete is used widely in the construction field, due to its robustness, cost-effectiveness and main factor being fire resistant. Power washing concrete surfaces can create real problems, and it is not just high-pressure cleaning that is the problem. When water exits the nozzle at both a high-pressure and high velocity, the resulting momentum is significant enough to dislodge not only dirt and debris but also to create flakes, pop outs, and even concrete spalls. Superior quality concrete will also experience accelerated wear from high-pressure power washing, resulting in a surface that can become hazardous.

Experienced & professional

We are Scotland's leading exterior cleaning company with several years of experience in cleaning different exterior surfaces.

Trained Employees

Our staff are fully trained in both chemical and equipment use; and Health and Safety, ensuring that no damage is exposed to your building.

All Over Scotland

We are based in Bathgate but are happy to travel all over Scotland. We clean any outside surface, in any location no matter how difficult.

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Our Recent Concrete & Brick Cleaning Work

Bricks are commonly made from burnt clay, sand lime or concrete and again can be damaged if using high-pressure. Over time, bricks can become stained by oil, paint, graffiti, or contain weeds and other biological matter growing on their surface, leaving your brickwork to look worn out and unsightly. Brick cleaning is often a slow, tricky and delicate process especially if you do not own specialised brick cleaning equipment such as jet washing or high-pressure steam equipment.

It can be challenging and hazardous for you to clean brick and stone without the right equipment. Not only that but the whole process can take significantly longer without the correct cleaning materials.

We can clean both concrete and bricks from as little as your path or driveway through to your factory, garage forecourt or shopping centre, removing air pollution, moss, lichen or algae, oil stains, graffiti, chewing gum and weed growth. We are happy to work around hours that suit you so as not to disrupt your daily business.

No matter how big or small your concrete or brick cleaning job is, give Softwash Scotland a call on 01506 635551, email us at or use our on-line form. We will be happy to provide you with free advice or a no-obligation quote.

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