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Pigeon spikes Edinburgh Pigeon removal Edinburgh.

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Professional Cost effective Pigeon removal Edinburgh


We offer cost effective bird spikes call softwash scotland. 

Our Pigeon removal service covers Edinburgh.

Bird droppings or pigeon guano are not only unsightly but can cause damage to buildings and surfaces. More importantly is the health risk caused by droppings as they are not only make walk ways slippery but contain many pathogens (harmful bacteria) that can result in serious respiratory diseases in humans Pigeon removal Edinburgh can clean and disinfect all surfaces from window sills to roof tops.


Due to the high acid levels in bird faeces,and nests permanent damage to structures and buildings is caused if it is not dealt with. Surfaces where fouling is present can be corroded, particularly paint finishes or tar-based roofing concrete covered structures. During Pigeon removal within Edinburgh we have found Ventilation systems can also become clogged and lead to costly repairs. In addition to structural harm, surfaces and footpaths can become slippery and hazardous to walk on.

Contaminants and odours from the waste are easily spread throughout buildings via ventilation systems, causing potential inhalation by those within.

A number of harmful diseases can be spread to humans from pigeon droppings including:

  • Cryptococcosis is found worldwide, the predominant way the disease is spread is through the inhalation of fungus that is associated with many birds species, especially old pigeon feces and bat guano.
  • Histoplasmosis is a type of lung infection. It is caused by inhaling Histoplasma capsulatum fungal spores. These spores are found in the droppings of birds and bats.
  • Psittacosis  also known as parrot fever caused by a bacteria called Chlamydia psittaci contracted from pigeons, sparrows, ducks, gulls.


Whether you have an ongoing or one off problem with pigeon droppings and bird waste, it is essential that it is dealt with properly. Softwash Scotland provide a thorough pigeon dropping removal service, eradicating all traces of faeces from your building, structures and commercial premises.

We will arrange all pigeon waste to be carried from the site with registered waste carriers, which means we can legally remove the pigeon waste/guano from your premises for disposal. Areas that we clean are sanitized with industry recognized products to lower the risk of bacterial and viral infection.

Our fully trained and experienced team of experts will remove and clean any area affected by bird waste, even the most hard to reach surfaces and structures. All our staff are trained and registered with Ipaf to use cherry pickers and scissor lifts to gain access to specific areas .With these machines we can provide a safe working environment for our staff.

To prevent disruption to your business or family we often work weekends and nights. Our office based staff will apply for any access / waste disposal permits that are required in advance. This ensures the jobs go smoothly

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