Block Paving Cleaning

We offer professional Block Paving Cleaning service. Block paving has always been a firm favourite on driveways and patios throughout Scotland for a number of years – around four decades. Because it has been incredibly popular for so long, ongoing maintenance is always needed to ensure that these surfaces are maintained properly and last a long time.

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There are a few issues that can occur with block paving, the main ones being:

  • The sand in the joints of the paving eroding away to create cracks;
  • Moss growing in the cracks in between of the paving;
  • The paving becoming unstable due to cracks;
  • Loss of colour due to weather conditions.

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However, we have a simple, two-step procedure that can sort out all of these problems!

Our team can offer the following Block Paving Cleaning service to both domestic and commercial properties:

  1. We spray the block paving with fungicidal wash, to get rid of any algae or moss that can creep into the joints in between the paving. We then thoroughly clean the whole area using a high powered professional pressure washer.
  2. After the block paving has completely dried, we brush new kiln-dried sand into the joints.

The team at Softwash Scotland are all highly trained in the block paving cleaning procedure, and we’re all passionate about getting the best results possible for our customers. No matter how big or small the area, we are equipped to complete the job to exceptional standards.

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