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Softwash Scotland P.V.C Fascia board cleaning +Gutter Brightening.

This p.v.c fascia board cleaning was in the village of  East Calder West Lothian. The client wanted the dirt mould and algae that builds up on the outside plastics of the fascia boards, pvc guttering channels over the years these exterior plastic surface will eventually suffer from contaminants that grow on exterior surface. The contaminants will darken the look of these low maintenance plastic surface and affect the kirb appeal of your home,

We can clean these hard to reach and awkward areas with our high reach systems and portable scaffolding towers if required. We clean we will take before and after pictures along with any areas of concern, lead flashing  needing re sealed, or re shaped against the surfaces and badly joined guttering channels at joints.

We also have waxing agent in our cleaning products so not only will the p.v.c fascia board look clean but they will shine again.


P.V.C Fascia board cleaning +Gutter Brightening












P.V.C Fascia board cleaning +Gutter Brightening


If you would like your p.v.c fascia board cleaned, brightened and waxed

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