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Red Algae on rendered exterior wall. Bearsden Glasgow.

Does your house look like its bleeding ?

Does your house look like it’s bleeding?

Red Algae on rendered exterior wall. Residential care home                                         Bearsden Glasgow.


Does your house look like it’s bleeding?  it’s not bleeding it’s not weeping out the walls. Red Algae is becoming more commonly seen around Scotland living on house walls. It’s not a new species trentepholia has been here since the dinosaurs maybe even longer.

Guess whos roughcast has been cleaned Bathgate West Lothian


We scots always modified words to suit ourselves trentepholia, so Red Algae is its Scottish name and it is far easier for our clients to say when they leave a phone message or email us at Softwash Scotland Ltd. Red Algae has become more prevalent on our home exterior walls as we use more white renders on our houses and commercial buildings exterior surfaces around Scotland.

Red Algae around the house window shroud and roughcast.


Now, this is not a problem if you consider a simple general maintenance softwash of the rendered surfaces every 2 to 3 years. This helps to stops Red Algae from establishing itself on the render with a simple Algo Clear Pro, Bio-Cide application over the years.

Roughcast / pebbledash cleaning to remove Black algae and red algae.


Urban myth:

The best advice is to buy or use a different finish media on your exterior walls like roughcast, pebbledash, brickwork as it won’t suffer from red algae. It Will and it Does.


Facing brickwork with Black and Red Algae on this house in Livingston West Lothian


Spray dash render system with Red Algae Glasgow.


This species of algae is blown upon the wind and settles where ever it lands as long as there is moisture on that surface every now and then it will thrive.

Does your house look like its bleeding ?
Red algae living under the roof edge. Each time it rains it gets watered from the drips.


Now if it thrives we see clients that start to dislike some even hate their home some even plan their next move. Because it affects the way you see the property it is not like used to look.

Red Alge Black Algae Roughcast cleaning Stirlingshire new owners new look.



If you consider maintenance softwash clean every 2 to 3 years then rendered surfaces can be as bright as they were without you having to dislike how your home or commercial property looks. We also brighten rendered house prior to being put on the market.


Red and Green Algae removed from Krend Dunbar East Lothian



In the picture below you will see we did a test patch to a residential care home in Bearsden Glasgow. This property was only constructed in 2008 but red algae don’t care if it’s a new property. It will establish itself if left unattended.

Red Algae on a rendered exterior wall. Bearsden Glasgow.


Planning in a softwash render maintenance wash of your property will not only have it looking like it did it also improve sales appeal. How often have potential buyers looked at a beautiful white render house with a few walls that have been affected with red algae and thought they will have to paint the wall. You don’t have to paint most smooth renders Roughcast or Pebbledash, Spraydash sold in the UK is easily cleaned and softwash friendly. If your property is suffering from red algae please contact us to arrange your softwash maintenance clean.


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