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Improving your Residential Property – Cleaning Alexandria Dunbartonshire

Improving your residential property cleaning in Alexandria Dunbartonshire.

These homeowners have been suffering from black mould and algae growth forming on their properties throughout the West Dunbartonshire area with what the locals call The Angels Share.

Angels Share Removal.


This black hue can really make the building look tired and old in comparison to the newer built houses in the area with their lovely clean roughcast and brickwork even the PVC fascia boards look high gloss.

Angels Share Removal.

Compared to these older properties that have possibly more advantages than a modern build as they have bigger rooms gardens and parking areas. Now over the years, we have seen property values rise and fall and with the ever greater demand that is on the private housing market to get the best from your biggest investment.

PVC guttering & Fascia board cleaning before Doff Steam cleaning the brickwork & Soft washing the roughcast above

From first time buyers and move up buyers that are looking at newer buildings purely on aesthetical issues as these older bigger flats look old and tired, don’t let that put you off.

The gutters have grass growing out them the PVC looks black in places rather than the glossy white they once were, the fascia boards are the same faded and covered in a black hue and general grime. 

Angels Share Removal from PVC gutters and Fascia boards

Even thou these PVC parts of a house or flats can be forgotten and overlooked till winter shows its face and the gutters start overflowing with rain and snow and the drips are hitting the bbq below. If you are lucky it will be outside that the leaks are on the guttering and not seeping into the cavity walls. Property factors know how important a simple gutter clean can be to older residences they maintain for their clients. It’s important they are kept clean and grass free.

PVC Guttering & Fascia Board cleaning to remove black mould, Angels Share.

For many years residents and property factors were under the impression that certain areas and surfaces couldn’t be cleaned without using high-pressure cold washing plus scaffoldings or cherry pickers to access these higher areas. If it couldn’t be cleaned it was painted over, roughcast in particular.

Angels Share stained brickwork, roughcast and PVC fascia boards Bonhill

Well, that was before their factors and other property manager’s in Glasgow heard about the transformation that Softwash Scotland can make to large residential developments in Central Scotland i.e. Ferry Road Village in Renfrew, The Hollows in Giffnock and several more across Glasgow and Edinburgh. The property factors arranged for these blocks of flats at Bonhill to be cleaned by Softwash Scotland. We have done work previously for the resident’s property factors in Glasgow. This project was arranged between the residents and their property manager.

Angels Share removed from PVC fascia boards Guttering Brickwork, Roughcast, Sandstone.
Doff Steam Cleaning/ Softwash Applications Algo Clear Pro Bonhill

Improving your residential property.

The PVC Guttering being cleaned out and brightened will make a small difference if done by its self. but if it is a combined Fascia Boards it can make a noticeable difference with kerb appeal. As exterior cleaners, we feel it is like the framing on a picture,

PVC Fascia boards & Guttering cleaning Bonhill


PVC cleaned on Left-hand side of the landing.
PVC Fascia boards & Gutter Brightening, the picture framing of a property clean lines.
Bonhill Alexandria

Cleaning the exterior walls from organic stains, black hue and general grime that has settled on the surfaces over the years. This brings the life back into your property making it look like it should.

Flat Surface Cleaner on our custom built carbon fibre extension pole 10 meters fully extended.

This project has two surfaces that are both delicate in their makeup, The facing bricks are soft in comparison to a concrete wall. With this in mind using a cold water high-pressure washer may dislodge some facing brick faces or areas where the bricks have degraded with age.

Flat Surface Cleaner on Low pressure at 155 degrees of steam from Doff superheated steam system using our extendable carbon fibre pole.

On this part of the cleaning process, we take a more sympathetic restoration view to how we should proceed with cleaning the older facing bricks, so we don’t cause any damage. We have a short video of this process on our Facebook Page.

Doff steam cleaning Angels Share Bonhill Sympathetic restoration.

We have gained our knowledge & experience from Doff steam cleaning on older buildings across Scotland over the last 7 years ranging from Cat B listed buildings, carbon stain removal, to Glenskirlie Castle. We used our Doff superheated steam system to remove the black mould from the facing brick on this project in Bonhill Alexandria.

Doff steam cleaning Angels Share from brickwork in Bonhill Alexandria.

The mould on the facing brick is being steam cleaned at low pressure from the DOFF, the temperature of the steam is 155 degrees, with these super high temperatures the black hue will not only be rinsed away it will be killed with the temperatures the Doff produces compared to regular hot pressure washers that only reach 100 degrees on a good day. By the time the water has travelled through a hot pressure hose laid on the ground, the temperature has dropped a few degrees. This does have an effect on how good the machine and its operator will clean. Have you tried to clean dirty dishes with lukewarm water? 

Roughcast cleaning on any house or flat can make a significant difference to the appearance of a property. If a property is left to mother nature she has a habit of letting moss grow on window sills and other areas which in turn creates a damp area where the rainwater gathers before it runs down the roughcast walls below. As exterior cleaners, we call these marks the Tears of a house, it’s crying to get washed.


Mustard Lichen, Moss, Angels Share. Window sills Bonhill Alexandria
Roughcast with Angels Share before Softwash Treatments.
Roughcast with Angels Share marks from where the rain runs down the exterior.
After Doff steam cleaning & Algo Clear Pro Softwash Treatments.

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