How to clean Oil from a driveway

How to clean Oil from a driveway

Oil Removal from a driveway in Ponteland Newcastle

We were recommended to a national company who’s brand new van had leaked engine oil, over a customers driveway. The national  company  sent their recommended cleaning / maintenance company to address the spillage.  They did their best  “blast it about”  this left it worse looking than before they attended….the customers was not very happy!

The cleaning company then recommended Acid to the home owner! and left it to the national and the homeowner to sort out .

Now this is were we come into the picture, the claims department girl was talking to her friend who recommended  Softwash Scotland .  She had seen our work on her neighbours driveway which we cleaned before it was put on the market to be sold.

Here at Softwash Scotland we do not use ACID on driveways. We use UK made bio-degradable oil removers and old fashioned common sense. We cleaned the blocks but still there were very small marks on the mono blocks, so we agreed with the home owner to lift these blocks and replace with  ones from the back of the property that the wheelie bins sit on,

We then washed the driveway again to remove the marks that lifting the blocks makes .Once the driveway and the rear of the property was dry we resanded the driveway and rear of the property.

We left leaving a happy customer at Ponteland Newcastle and a Happy claims dept for the National company.

If you would like to discuses the options available to clean your oil stained driveway or fix sunken tracks in the driveway. Call us now : 01506 635 551   or  0772 956 2825

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Oil stain
Oil stain from brand new van
Big cleaning company's attempt at oil removal
This is a big cleaning companys attempt at removing oil from a driveway they have the cleaning contract for an even bigger company but lack of knowledge guys just out for his hourly rate ,no passion for his job like you get from a small company who gets most of its work from recommendations
Oil removal Ponteland Newcastle
We up lifted the oil stained blocks after we cleaned them but still some of the oil had seeped into the porousity of the blocks a few months before we got to them
Changing oil stained blocks for cleaner blocks from the rear of the property
This is changing the oil stained blocks over at the rear before it was washed also with the front of the house


Changing the blocks over
This is changing the oil stained blocks from the rear of the property for clean one from under the wheelie bins then we washed it to remove the marks from lifting and relaying the clean blocks
after oil removal
This is the finished look of the oil stained blocks after we washed and used UK made oil removers but we still were’nt happy so around the back and out of site was agreed with the home owner.and big company
Cleaned and sanded driveway
This is the finished and re sanded driveway after we lifted the oil stained blocks out and replaced with clean blocks from under the wheelie bin area


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