How To Clean Your Badroom

As home cleaning professionals, Purify Cleaning has cleaned a fair share of dirty bedrooms and learned a few lessons along the way. Below are some general cleaning tips to maximize your time and bedroom cleanliness. Before you deep clean a bedroom, remove all clutter that may be in the way. Things like dirty clothes, shoes and office supplies should be put in their respective areas before you really begin cleaning.

Tips for Cleaning a Bedroom

How Often Should I Wash My Sheets?

Polls show that most people wash their sheets between every two weeks and every month. We recommend that you clean your sheets (and pillow cases!) every week. Cleaning your sheets frequently can prevent breakouts and decrease the need to clean your mattress. Maximize your time by throwing your sheets in the washer before you begin cleaning your bedroom.

How Often Should I Clean My Mattress?

Now that you’ve removed your sheets, it’s time to clean your mattress – an important task that is often overlooked. Mattresses collect pollen, dead skin cells, sweat, dust mites, hair and food particles to create a bacteria haven. Cleaning a mattress is time consuming and should be done at least once a year. Having (and regularly washing) a mattress pad will help keep your mattress cleaner, but will not replace the need for a thorough clean.

Begin by removing your mattress pad and use a vacuum hose to rid the mattress of any noticeable debris. Next, sprinkle baking soda over your mattress and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Re-vacuum your mattress and then use a damp sponge and a mild household cleaning solution, and wipe down your mattress generously. If possible, drag your mattress into a sunny area—the UV light will aid in killing bacteria. Let your mattress dry thoroughly. At this point, you might want to repeat on the other side of your mattress; it’s recommended that you flip your mattress at least every three months anyway!

How Often Should I Wash My Pillows?

Greasy pillows can cause breakouts and agitate allergies. Like mattresses, pillows gather pollen, skin cells and provide comfy homes for dust mites. Depending on the make of your pillow, different cleaning techniques are allowed. Synthetic down can usually be washed in your machine while real down pillows require professional dry cleaning. Just to be sure, check your pillows’ tags to see what is recommended.

If machine washing is permitted, wash your pillows on a hot cycle with minimal detergent, preferably two at a time to even out the load. After one hot cycle, put the pillows through at least one additional rinse cycle to wash out all soap. As for drying, refer back to the tag. Some pillows can be machine dried; others are instructed to air dry. If you have to air dry your pillows, try to place them in the sun—like your mattress, drying pillows in UV light can help kill lingering bacteria.

How Often Should I Vacuum Under My Bed and Dresser?

Carpets are deceiving—they can look clean, but can be full of dust, crumbs and dirt. Purify Cleaning recommends that you vacuum at least once a week, possibly more often in areas of high traffic. When cleaning your bedroom, vacuum from the inside out so that you’re not stepping over newly vacuumed areas. As for vacuuming under beds and dressers, try to find the time to thoroughly vacuum at least once a month. Dust and pollen can settle behind and beneath beds and dressers, creating a stuffy environment.

Purify Cleaning understands that your time is precious. Thoroughly cleaning your bedroom is time consuming, so we recommend tidying your room weekly in order to spread out the tasks. And when you’re in a pinch, let Purify Cleaning lend a helping hand. Contact your local Purify Cleaning today for a free estimate.

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